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The Tiger and Bear Museum Collection as part of The Third Nationality at Amado Art Space, Seoul

The Tiger and Bear Museum Collection is proud to announce our involvement in The Third Nationality at Amado Art Space Seoul.

Tiger and Bear’s contribution to the Third Nationality marks the end of a five year relationship between award winning artists Steven Slade and Boris Hans two artists from Peru who came to South Korea in 2008 and left in 2014. During their five year relationship they achieved a great deal of artistic feats, including performing live on stage with Korean rock stars Go Go Star, participating in over fifty performance art festivals, featuring in a music video for American super group Swingset Committee, creating the most innovative concept for a comic strip since The Dandy, writing a best selling autobiography, staring in the hit comedy Shoomie’s Got a Pencil, and winning a whole plethora of awards.

Partners of the Museum of Tiger and Bear Collection would like to eulogize this breathtaking partnership that stole the hearts of some.

“I grew up with Tiger and Bear a permanent feature of our house hold. Can’t believe they’re finished. Gutted.” – Park Min Min of Boy Group 2:99

“Tiger and Bear will always be in our hearts. They truly encompassed everything it means to be Korean.” – Bobby G of Bucks Fizz

“Know the great men of your age.” – Celebrity chef Baltasar Gracián

“The first time I saw a Postphallicism masterpiece I cried for days. So much beauty and so much sorrow.” – Big G Electro Manta Ray

“I was lucky enough to be in attendance at the first ever Tiger and Bear performance. I know everyone says that, but I was. And we all knew form that day forward that they were going to change the face of art.” – Mick Hucknall

“Yeah! woooowoowooowooo yeahhh uhhhh HAMJACXER.” –67 member K-pop group HAMJACXER

“They were really close friends of ours and we learned a lot from them. We wish them all the luck in the world.” Lion and Rabbit

Their presence in Korea will be sorely missed and it is with great pleasure that we share with you the work of these most celebrated genii.

If you would like to help support some real Tigers and Bears then why not visit our website at Where we make special scratch resistant exhibitions so that real tigers and bears the world over can appreciate the work of tiger and bear in a safe and educational environment. Make a pledge today! Please!

The First Amado Exhibition Award Artist
권효진 Kwon Hyo Jin (북한/North Korean)
신광 Shin Gwang (조선족/Ethnic Korean)
유지환 Yoo Ji Whan (한국/KOREA)
윤현선 Yoon Hyun Sun (한국/KOREA)
Eric Scott Nelson (미국/USA)
James Topple (영국/UK)
Tiger and Bear (영국UK)
Curator: 김수정 (Su Kim)
Assistant Curator: 조성준(Sung-jun Cho), 전수진(Sujin Jun)


There will be performances on the opening night including a surprise Tiger and Bear performance! Although it’s not really a surprise now is it.


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The Tiger and Bear Museum at Yogiga Gallery

The Tiger and Bear Museum 호랑이와 박물관


Facebook events page:


11th – 18th September


Yogiga Gallery,

요기가 갤러리

Award winning South Korea based Irish artists Garry McCarthy and Nigel MacCormack AKA Tiger and Bear, present their multi-disciplinary art project in a retrospective exhibition titled The Tiger and Bear Museum. Follow the story of the eccentric performance art duo and see how they shot into the expatriate media lime light, gave a voice to a multitude of collaborators with Tiger and Bear Comics and how the pressure of fame and ‘creative differences’ eventually led to their recent split. With video documentation of performances, press clippings, artist memorabilia and lot’s lot’s more, come and delve into a fantastic world of myth, magic and playful nobishness, in an experience that will leave you entertained, educated and out of breath!

With performances happening on the 11th and the 17th

Opening on the 11th With Tiger and Bear’s new performance Tiger and Bear’s Cave to Humanness. With bands Jambinai 잠비나이, Swimming Doll 스위돌 and Lobos로보스.


한국에서 거주하며 예술작업을 하는  화려한 수상경력의 Irish 아티스트 Garry McCarthy 과 Nigel MacCormack ( AKA 호랑이와 곰 )이 ‘호랑이와 곰 박물관’ 이라는 전시 타이틀로 다양한 아트  프로젝트들을 선보이며 회고전을  갖다.   이 괴짜 퍼포먼스 아티스트 듀오가 한국내 외국 미디어의 주목을 받게 된 과정 ,   호랑이와 곰 만화 시리즈가 협업으로 이루어지게 된 뒷 이야기, 유명세와 ‘창작에 대한 견해 차’로 결국은 결별에  이르게 된 사연들을 들어볼 수 있다.  퍼포먼스들을 담은 비디오  자료,  관련 기사 스크랩,  아티스트의 기념적 오브제들 등 보고, 즐길 꺼리가 풍성하다.  신화와 마법, 그리고 장난기어린 노비쉬니스의  환상적 세계를 흠뻑 맛보기! 이 한 번의 여정으로  관객들은  보고 듣는 재미를 만끽하는 동시에 새로운 것들을 배우는 숨막히는 경험을 하게 될 것이다.

11일과 17일에는 퍼포먼스 공연이 준비돼 있다.

오프닝 11일 ; 호랑이와 곰의  새로운 퍼포먼스 ‘Tiger and Bear’s Cave to Humanness’, 밴드 잠비나이, 스위밍 돌, 로보스 공연


사용자 삽입 이미지

주소 : 서울특별시 마포구 합정동 412-1번지 세원2빌딩 지하 Google map
전화 : 02-3141-2603(공연중에는 못받을 수 있습니다)




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Tiger and Bear Comics (The Lost Strips)

Here are some more strips from Tiger and Bear Comics. These are ones that either didn’t get published or were published but we misplaced the archive records for them. We’re kind of incompetent fools if you haven’t noticed!

We hope to make more out of the comic project at some point in time as it was a bloody great idea! And as you can see from this blog we have already had some smashing contributions from some really talented people!

In an ideal world we would love to revive Tiger and Bear Comics at some point, with celebrity guest collaborators like Johnny Depp and Catchphrase’s Roy Walker, but sadly Roy Walker is dead and Johnny Depp hates us.

We would have loved to make some Korean language comics too and to produce a bookwork of the project, but for now we shall just have to wait and dream…

But for all those Tiger and Bear Comics fanatics here they are (the lost strips).

Image Hosted by

Octavious the Wizard Cat, written by Dann Gaymer and illustrated by Kai-Oi Jay Yung

Image Hosted by

Prime Time Viewing written by Roybos T Parkes and illustrated by Mike Wytrykus

Image Hosted by

Mrs Tiger, written by Dohee Kim (Tiger’s wife) and illustrated by Nastasya Clark

Image Hosted by

Protest written by Mary Paterson and illustrated by Kirk Parrish

Image Hosted by

Creation Myth, written by Nicky “legend of artist” and illustrated by Mark Williams

Image Hosted by

The Experiment, written by Matt Broadhurst and illustrated by Alex Pearl

Image Hosted by

Double Up, written by Dustin Griffin and illustrated by Ideo

Image Hosted by

The Movie at the End of the Universe, written by Matt Broadhurst and illustrated by Charlie Keen

I think this one may have been published somewhere, but not sure.

Image Hosted by

Jung-gu, written by James Hendicott and illustrated by Gary Ptaszek

I’m pretty sure this one was actually published in Eloquence Magazine, but I don’t have the date for it.

Image Hosted by

Over Here, written by Matt Broadhurst and illustrated by Frog Morris. I have a date for first published (2009-12-12) but not sure where it was first published. This strip was in Daegu Pockets, The Korea Herald and Seoul Style.

Image Hosted by

This one was submitted to us by Mary Lue Harper who claims to be ‘Bear’s number one fan’. It hasn’t been published anywhere because it’s fucking sick.

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