The Tiger and Bear Museum Collection as part of The Third Nationality at Amado Art Space, Seoul

The Tiger and Bear Museum Collection is proud to announce our involvement in The Third Nationality at Amado Art Space Seoul.

Tiger and Bear’s contribution to the Third Nationality marks the end of a five year relationship between award winning artists Steven Slade and Boris Hans two artists from Peru who came to South Korea in 2008 and left in 2014. During their five year relationship they achieved a great deal of artistic feats, including performing live on stage with Korean rock stars Go Go Star, participating in over fifty performance art festivals, featuring in a music video for American super group Swingset Committee, creating the most innovative concept for a comic strip since The Dandy, writing a best selling autobiography, staring in the hit comedy Shoomie’s Got a Pencil, and winning a whole plethora of awards.

Partners of the Museum of Tiger and Bear Collection would like to eulogize this breathtaking partnership that stole the hearts of some.

“I grew up with Tiger and Bear a permanent feature of our house hold. Can’t believe they’re finished. Gutted.” – Park Min Min of Boy Group 2:99

“Tiger and Bear will always be in our hearts. They truly encompassed everything it means to be Korean.” – Bobby G of Bucks Fizz

“Know the great men of your age.” – Celebrity chef Baltasar Gracián

“The first time I saw a Postphallicism masterpiece I cried for days. So much beauty and so much sorrow.” – Big G Electro Manta Ray

“I was lucky enough to be in attendance at the first ever Tiger and Bear performance. I know everyone says that, but I was. And we all knew form that day forward that they were going to change the face of art.” – Mick Hucknall

“Yeah! woooowoowooowooo yeahhh uhhhh HAMJACXER.” –67 member K-pop group HAMJACXER

“They were really close friends of ours and we learned a lot from them. We wish them all the luck in the world.” Lion and Rabbit

Their presence in Korea will be sorely missed and it is with great pleasure that we share with you the work of these most celebrated genii.

If you would like to help support some real Tigers and Bears then why not visit our website at Where we make special scratch resistant exhibitions so that real tigers and bears the world over can appreciate the work of tiger and bear in a safe and educational environment. Make a pledge today! Please!

The First Amado Exhibition Award Artist
권효진 Kwon Hyo Jin (북한/North Korean)
신광 Shin Gwang (조선족/Ethnic Korean)
유지환 Yoo Ji Whan (한국/KOREA)
윤현선 Yoon Hyun Sun (한국/KOREA)
Eric Scott Nelson (미국/USA)
James Topple (영국/UK)
Tiger and Bear (영국UK)
Curator: 김수정 (Su Kim)
Assistant Curator: 조성준(Sung-jun Cho), 전수진(Sujin Jun)


There will be performances on the opening night including a surprise Tiger and Bear performance! Although it’s not really a surprise now is it.


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